Located in a virgin forest on the shores of Grand Lac Brompton in Quebec’s Eastern Townships, the Sanctuaire Mont Cathédrale is the result of ten years of research and reflection on one simple question: Do we have to be outside to experience nature? The answer is ultra-modern, ultra-ecological, and ultra-efficient houses that harmoniously blend into their surroundings and create a direct dialogue with nature.

You can rest assured your experience at Sanctuaire Mont Cathédrale will be as authentic as promised for this property was created with the utmost care. For example, a secured gate at the entrance to the property controls access to the Sanctuaire. Mont Cathédrale road, a private road leading to the residences, crosses an uninhabited part of the land to increase privacy. The property covers a total of 16 hectares (40 acres) and will house 10 to 15 residences. Each residence will be built on 8,000 to 16,000 m2 (2 to 4 acres) of land or more. Mountain residences will have six meters (20 ft) of waterfront access where a private pier can be installed. Waterfront lands are still available.

An ecological charter governs Sanctuaire Mont Cathédrale to guarantee the privacy, quality of life, and peace of mind of residents by defining common rules and values concerning:

  • Protection of the lake and forest
  • Safety of residents and wildlife
  • Tranquility of residents and natural surroundings
  • Architectural integration and development of the area