Every residence at Sanctuaire Mont Cathédrale is unique, but they are all based on the common values and principles of the project: comfort, privacy, ecological sustainability, and energy efficiency.

The Tree House
The Sanctuaire’s first residence, inspired by a tree house, is the perfect example of a home that blends into its environment while maximizing its occupant’s quality of life and minimizing its ecological footprint. The exterior of the first floor is covered in wood to represent a tree trunk, while the much larger second floor is covered in copper tiles, which will, in time, develop a green patina, helping the house harmonize with the surrounding vegetation. The tree house was built on a large property of more than 24,000 m2 (six acres) with 267 m2 (2,880 ft2) of living space, a 70 m2 (760 ft2) balcony, and two garages, which make 83 m2 (890 ft2) in total. The living space includes a large, open living area, a kitchen, four bedrooms, three complete bathrooms, a laundry room and an elevator.

Exterior: a harmonious union with nature
The house’s primary feature is an immense glass wall, 19 m (63 ft) long and 2.75 m (9 ft) high, located at the front of the house, which opens onto a 70 m2 (760 ft2) balcony looking out onto a panoramic view of the lake and neighboring mountains. The larger main floor overhangs the first floor and is 54 m (180 ft) above lake level, creating a sense of weightlessness and direct contact with the natural elements. In addition, the glass wall increases the energy efficiency of the house: in winter, sunlight comes in and reduces heating costs; in summer, electric, automatic awnings keep the interior cool.

Insulation: ecological is economical
360-degree thermal insulation combined with sustainable and high-performance materials guarantee the absolute comfort of occupants. Not a single detail has been neglected: all the exterior walls are covered in 9 cm (4 in) of soy urethane, an ecological insulation; the second floor exterior walls are further protected by a vapor barrier, an air barrier, and a rain barrier; the roof is insulated by a highly resistant thermal isocyanurate foam and a Soprema waterproof membrane. The frame is made entirely of Western Fir, a wood known for its solidity and durability.

Interior: high-quality living in its purest form
Inside, the house is friendly and warm. The judicious use of natural and manufactured materials such as wood (birch, cherry, poplar, fir), marble, quartz, steel, glass, and porcelain makes the house welcoming and highly functional. The heating system uses a combination of geothermal energy (heated floors), a Finish masonry heater made of soapstone (a natural material known for its unique ability to absorb heat), and a bi-energy (propane-electric) system. The house is self-sufficient, and has an automatic generator that takes over in case of power failure. What’s more, before arriving at your home, you can regulate the thermostat by distance using the Internet, so you will have a comfortable temperature when you arrive. In your absence, you can go online and use the five-camera security system to watch over the exterior and interior of your residence from wherever you are.